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Our Child Care Staff in Columbia, MO

Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center has been awarded Missouri Accreditation ( To receive Accreditation, a child care center must exceed the minimum state requirements.  All classroom staff at MLJCLC have taken at least one college-level class in child development.  At a minimum, lead teachers at MLJCLC have obtained their Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate, and most have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood education or a related field.

At MLJCLC, professional development is a priority.  All classroom staff attend at least 18 hours of training programs and seminars each year.  Every staff member has passed a criminal background check by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and a Child Abuse/Neglect Screening by the Missouri Division of Family Services. Building strong, positive relationships between the staff, children, and families is one of the most important things we do at MLJCLC. 


My name is Megan Geiger. I started my Early Childhood career at Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center. I was a teacher in the preschool classroom here. I took a position at Youth Empowerment Zone as the Director. I am very excited to be back at MLJ as the Program Director. I am currently working towards my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education at CMU. I have lived in Columbia my whole life. I love working with the children and all the staff here. 

Megan Geiger
Program Director

Introducing Ms. Raelle. Some of you may recognize her.

She is a teacher in the Butterflies and Ladybugs Classrooms!

We had some questions for Ms. Raelle so we could get to know her better!

Spotlight Employee
Raelle Rapp

Tell me about you:

My name is Raelle. I'm an esthetician graduate from Paul Mitchell. I am planning on starting my own business after I get certified.

I am very thankful I get to be here with the kids and teaching them.

How long have you worked at MLJ?

I have been working at MLJ for 12 months

What is your favorite thing about MLJ?

My favorite thing about MLJ would be the kids obviously. Watching them grow will never stop to amaze me.

What are three things about you most people don't know? 

Let's play two truths and one lie

  1. I have broken and fractured my foot attempting a cartwheel.

  2. I have never rode an elephant

  3. I used to pig wrestle at the fair

What have you learned while working here? 

The kids teach me everyday as do those around me. One of the biggest things I learned is that, If you don't have that secure bond it will not be as beneficial for you and the kid. 

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